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Custom Conference Room Tables: What to Consider

A well-designed conference room is an important asset for most businesses. It not only serves as a designated meeting spot for a company’s many stakeholders, but also often acts as a makeshift lunchroom, packing station, training area, interview room and more, depending on the prevailing need of any specific day and time. As a consequence, it can be hard to find a perfect conference room table — the unmistakable star of conference room design. Indeed, in many instances, companies will need to create a custom conference room table in order to get a table that serves all the needs of their room’s various functions. Here’s what you need to consider before designing custom conference room tables:

The Size of the Room

The first step in designing a custom conference room table is to determine the size of the room in which the table will go. A custom conference room table will inevitably be the focal point of the room.  You don’t want to dampen its impact by building a table that’s either too large or too small for the space. Most designers suggest a table have anywhere from four to six feet of clearance from the room’s walls in order to maintain the room’s scale and ensure people have adequate space to rise, walk and mingle.

The Size of the Table

With the dimensions of the room at hand, you should also think about the number of people your table will need to accommodate. Even if your company only has a few employees now, consider the people you will need to host, along with any company plans for future growth; build a custom conference room table that is able to seat all current and future staff members and guests. Go as big as possible for the room you’ve got and the budget you’ve set. And don’t forget, any table you build will need to be moved through the building and into the conference room itself. Take into consideration especially tight hallways and/or elevators to make sure your table will be able to make it to its destination.


One of the most exciting aspects of designing custom conference room tables is the style that it conveys. Customization is the name of the game, so have fun with it! Your imagination is really the limit, but you should remember to examine the overall style of your office and think about whether or not you want to match it to your new table. There are many different table shapes (such as rectangular, round, boat and U- or V-shape tables) that can each possess many different kinds of features. There are live-edge tables that highlight raw wood along one or more sides. There are single slab and solid tables, and ones built in arrangeable components (i.e., modular). Some have one leg (pedestal table), some have two (like trestle, railway and waterfall tables) and some have more. Peruse design magazines for ideas. Look at catalogs, as well as the furniture in other offices. Then, talk to an experienced designer. A reputable firm can help you narrow your options and pick a style that best suits your needs, your office’s culture and your aesthetic.


Wood isn’t the only material with which custom conference room tables can be made. Tables can also be made from stone, metal, glass and laminate. The material used for construction affects everything from the table’s ease of cleaning to its durability, so pick wisely according to your office’s needs, priorities and budget.


Which, of course, brings us to an important consideration: cost. Custom conference room tables come in a variety of prices. Think about what you absolutely need and add what you want until you reach the maximum budget you’ve set for your custom conference room table design-build project.

The Key Interiors Advantage

A custom conference room table will likely serve multiple purposes. Take advantage of the expertise of an experienced office design firm like Key Interiors to ensure the table you order is the table you really need and will actually like. Our designers at Key Interiors can help you design a custom conference room table that is both versatile and unique. Please contact us to learn more.